सबसे नशीला नशा कौनसा है? / Sadhguru Hindi

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सबसे नशीला नशा कौनसा है?
Can drugs help a spiritual seeker to experience God? Or do they just lead to collapse? Sadhguru is explaining the possibilities and dangers.

Sadhguru: When Patanjali progressed from rituals to liberation – ‘Kaivalya’ means salvation – so they said that you can get glimpse of God in many ways, using some medicines or drugs, some mantras

With continuous chanting, with extreme austerity or deep meditation

First come on medicines. Patanjali was a scientist. He was not a normal religious person. He was not afraid of anything. They tested everything, they tested everything. A religious person will not normally talk about drugs. But Patanjali said that the drug is also a possibility of divinity, but the lowest probability is

Dose only increases

What happens with the drug? If you take any chemicals like LSD or marijuana, then this chemical has this quality that it breaks the mind somewhere.

After all, your mind and body are just chemicals. When you perform yogic actions, it is also for changing the chemicals of the body. Drugs are usually called ‘mind blowing’. When you put the drugs in your body, then the mind breaks suddenly. Without mind, you can see the existence through this cleavage for a moment, which is very great.

Then you get used to the drug habit. The next time he will have to increase his dose. There is no conversion in it. It just becomes fun of a few moments. After a while it is no longer fun and you become helpless and depend on the drug.

Can you handle drugs?

You can not deny that some people walking on the path of drugs have had big experiences, but you will see that they do not develop, there is no transformation within them.

Indeed, such a person can never achieve grace, but his development stops. She never spreads fragrance. He simply talks about big experiences, or else he lags behind. Bus dose increases. Even before the history began to be written, people had taken drugs on the spiritual path. Puranas say that Shiva himself was the first person to use drugs. That started from there. But you must understand that Shiva can control him, not you

Once, Adishankar was traveling with his disciples. He stayed in one place and drank plenty of country liquor and then started walking. Some disciples thought that this could mean that they too can do the same. Where else the liquor came, they also drank wine and then started walking behind Shankar, because they were unable to handle it. When they reached the next village, Shankar reached straight to blacksmith and there was a pot filled with molten iron. Now the disciples who imitated them understood the point.

Lowest probability

Therefore, drugs are the lowest possible, yet they are a possibility. Drugs are prohibited on the yogic path, not because of any ethics, because its limitations are. We have other ways of blowing your mind.

I have never had any intoxicants, but if you look in my eyes, I will always be intoxicated. I can stay in the dark for twenty-four hours but it will not be a hangover, it has no cost and it is also good for health. We consider alcohol, drugs and such things as children’s games because we can only add to it a thousand times of its addiction. Why just wine? You can add D-wine (consciousness) intoxication.

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