इंजीनियरिंग टेस्ट पास न होने की निराशा से कैसे बचें? / Sadhguru hindi

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इंजीनियरिंग टेस्ट पास न होने की निराशा से कैसे बचें?
Answering the question of a student troubled by the stress of the exam, Sadhguru is telling us how to avoid despair if we fail.

Q: I am trying to pass engineering entrance test, but I’ve failed twice. I am very disappointed and I can not come out of that despair.

Sadhguru: Frustration, despair and depression is a continuous process. When you are frustrated, you are depressed and you get depressed when you get depressed. I tell you an anecdote

Once the devil decided to shut down his business, he decided to sell all his weapons. There was anger in them, there was lust, greed, jealousy, craving for money, ego – he kept everything to sell. People bought all the things But then someone noticed that there is still some left in his bed. He asked the devil, ‘what do you have now?’ Satan said, ‘These are my most effective weapons. I will not sell them, perhaps again I have to start my business. And if I put them to sell them then they would be very expensive. Because they are my best weapons to destroy life. ‘People asked,’ tell us what they are? ‘Satan said,’ Frustration and depression ‘.

When there is no excitement in you, there is no possibility of life, if there is depression. When you say, ‘I am frustrated with anything,’ then you are not far away from frustration and depression – disappointment is the first step.

Life does not know to be frustrated

So how do you leave frustration? Look, you do not have to leave him, you just do not catch him. Every form of life is auspicious. Watch an ant on the go

If you stop his way, is he ever frustrated or depressed? He does his best to die. Look at a small plant, even if you put it on the roof and nothing else, just put some soil, then it can spread its roots up to twenty-five meters below. Do you think that the plant is ever frustrated? Life energy does not know any kind of frustration. Frustrating is just your mind because limited mind sets up false hopes. When your expectations are not in sync with life, when your hopes are just imaginary and psychological, life is not worth it, then if those expectations are not fulfilled then the mind feels that there is nothing left in the world.

Avatar has never passed any exam

Many people commit suicide if they fail in the examination. Because they feel that without it the world is ending. The people you worship – Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus – they never passed a test. Then why do you worship them? You call those people who have never cared to pass an examination to pass in your exam. This is not a matter of wisdom.

So it does not matter if you do not pass the exam. You want to pass it to a social need, this is a different matter. But being frustrated is entirely a psychological thing, it is not related to life. When you are frustrated and your mind says, ‘No benefit from living, let me die’, then just close your mouth and nose for two minutes, your life will say, ‘let me live.’

If intellect works, then there is no question of disappointment

If you do anything against your own life, then it is nothing but stupidity. Only a fool can walk against his life. But now you have put yourself in such a mental state, where you are working against your own life. Frustration, frustration and depression mean that you are running against your own life. A fool can go into depression only. If you are intelligent then how can you go for depression? You have completely imprisoned your intellect, so there is scope for depression. Otherwise there is no question of depression or disappointment.

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