योग अभ्यास से पहले रखें 5 बातों का ध्यान / Sadhguru Hindi

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योग अभ्यास से पहले रखें 5 बातों का ध्यान
Sadhguru explains that before doing yoga practice, what things should be taken care of, so that we get maximum benefit:

On yoga practice, you can experience a deep feeling of harmony with your inner and the world around you. However, before starting this it is necessary that you have the right atmosphere inside and outside. To take maximum advantage of your yoga practice, you should remember these five things:

1. Your stomach is clear and clean

Yoga is not just a workout, but a way to improve the human energy system. As the Sadhguru explains, ‘If you want to move your energy upward, then whatever is not the body, it should be out of body.’ Therefore keep in mind that yoga practice is always done before breakfast (morning before breakfast) ) And after cleansing the stomach. Also, you should not take food or water during yoga practice.

2. Bath

Bathing is not just for cleaning the body. When water comes in contact with your body, then your inner dimension is washed away. Sadhguru recommends bathing with cold water or lukewarm water because ‘the knees between the skin cells are opened, which are important for yoga practice because we want that the cell-structure of the body (the structure of the cells) is a different dimension of energy To be chargeable. ‘

3. Wear loose comfortable clothes

As we have seen, the yoga works on the person’s energy system, wearing loose clothes helps in the process. Sadhguru says, “When your energy spreads inside you, you will see that tight clothes will not rest your body. Naturally you would like to wear very loose clothes. ‘

4. Neem and turmeric intake before yoga practice

‘With soft honey found, taking neem and turmeric with lukewarm water cleans the cell-structure (texture of the cells). Also, there is a dispersion between cells so that they can absorb energy. When you practice, this dispersion brings flexibility in the muscles. This flexibility gradually helps change your body into a more powerful possibility. ‘- Sadhguru

5. Start with an invocation or prayer

Calling yoga is a method of bringing you into the best inner state before practice. In Yogic culture, invitations are usually done in Sanskrit. It is an ancient language in which the sounds are connected directly to the shapes. Use of sounds to awaken the human system is the basis of nad yoga. Call of call is very simple form of yoga. You can start with this call:

Yes i’m good

Tamso Ma Jyotigama

Deceased aphrodisiac

That is, take me from false to truth

Take me from darkness (ignorance) towards light (knowledge)

Take me from death to immortality

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