पूर्णिमा या अमावस्या – साधना में कौन सा दिन मदद करता है? / Sadhguru Hindi

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पूर्णिमा या अमावस्या – साधना में कौन सा दिन मदद करता है?
For the spiritual seekers, both the full moon and the new moon are of different importance. What effect can both of us have on our sadhana or on our life?

Question: Traditionally, the feet of the moon are given great importance in Indian spiritualism. What is the significance of Sadguru, Purnima and Amavasya?

Sadhguru: There is a great difference between the night of full moon and any other night. Those who are a bit crazy, they know this difference well!

Look, this is kind of like a microphone. What the microphone does – it increases the volume, the conversation remains the same, but the sound suddenly becomes sharp and clear. Similarly, if you have been a bit crazy at first, then when you put a little more energy in it, then everything looks up and running. Energy is slightly higher on the day of full moon. Only madness does not increase. If you are calm, you will become even more calm. If you are happy then you will be more happy.

That is, whatever properties you have, it will increase further. People just look madness because most people are in that state. But if you are very romantic, then your love will also spit on the full moon day.
The question is, what makes the energy increase? The first reason is that there is a special beauty in it. If you look at something beautiful, then your receptivity towards that object suddenly increases. If you think anything is ugly, your acceptance will decrease as soon as you look at it. There is a special beauty in the moonlight of Purnima, which surely enhances your receptivity.

The second aspect is that the Earth goes into a special state with its satellite, which makes the vibration very straightforward and powerful. Due to the moon’s gravitational force, the waves rise higher on this day. The water spills upwards and tries to bounce. Similarly, your blood even tries to jump. When the communication of blood increases in your brain, then whatever your attributes, it increases.

Purnima for meditation, and the new moon is better for rituals

Now come on the new moon. The full moon and the new moon have a great difference in the quality of meditation. The full moon is better for the person taking care of it. But the new moon is good for doing special rituals and procedures. Your energy gets furious on the night of the new moon. Like a healthy elephant, your energy becomes uncontrollable. That is why Tantric people use the nights of the new moon. Energy is dynamic on that day The nights of the full moon are the property of gentleness which is more subtle, pleasant and beautiful – like love. The energy of the new moon is more fundamental. If you want to compare these two, you can say that the new moon is more sex-centric and full moon is more love-focused. The nature of the new moon is more gross and more powerful. The nature of the full moon is subtle. That power is so subtle that you can not feel it. The Kundalini also behaves in the same way: It increases with full bliss, full moon and it increases with the noise and blast in the new moon. Kundalini is full of violence for the new moon.

Purnima is a fantastic presence. The presence of the moon is so clear that wherever you look, everything looks bright. There is such a quality in its vibrations and light, where everything creates a new atmosphere. Whistles and feelings of Purnima are very different from the other phases of the Moon. Ida and Pingala also work differently inside you. Prana or life energy flows in a different way. With the change of the vibration, all your energy flows in a different way.

It is not that you can not live in full moon every day. You can stay. If you have a little mastery on your sun and moon – Pingala and Ida – then there is the beauty of the full moon in the sunny sun. Or you can choose the new moon every day. Or you choose nothing: Whatever is happening in nature, you enjoy all the states of life in their true form.

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