8-year-old Ismail, who won 7 medals in Swimming, was not at the helm, preparing for the Olympics

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A country whose population is close to just 50 million – Bosnia and Herzegovina The 8-year-old child of this country. Name – Ismail Zulfik If you work hard, then the whole world will know the story of this small country. Ismail swimmer and are preparing for the Olympics. Ismail is a very special child. Both of them are not born from birth, one foot is also difficult to walk.
Ismail: ran away for the first time in the water.

At the age of 4, Ismail brought her mother for swim for the first time. Ismail’s coach Amel Kapo explains, “I remember that when Ismail came for the first time and we took him to the pool, he put his feet in the water. He was so scared that he ran back. We did not even forcefully. I took 1-2 days, assured him that I would not let him do anything. Then put it in the pool. After that in 3 years, he made such preparations that he now comes to the pool with his 4-5 year old people.

The Olympic Pool trains those who have the ability to compete in such events

Ismail Zulfik has so far won 7 medals at domestic level. Now he has been selected to prepare for the Olympic Pool. Olympic Pool means a swimming pool which is prepared entirely by keeping in mind the Olympic or international competitions. In this pool, only those swimmers are trained, who are considered to be eligible for future Olympic competitions.

Ismail only won gold or silver medal
Ishmael’s coach explains that he has not won bronze medal in any event so far. Always have either won gold, or Silver. Ismail has so far taken part in nearly 10 events at different levels. He has been awarded the budding sportspersons of Bosnia in 2017. Ismail pays for 3 days a week. For this we travel 70 km from home.

Video Link – https://youtu.be/MjK6BN571XM

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