जीवन काे उत्‍तम ढंग से जीने का सूूूत्र / Sadhguru Hindi

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जीवन काे उत्‍तम ढंग से जीने का सूूूत्र
Sadhguru is telling us that by making a goal, we can only find something at the physical level, but life will be cherished only when we give ourselves up to everything.

There are two ways to live your life. One way is to set goals and try to achieve them. What kind of goals will you decide? Something that affects you in the world, something like that

You have not done so yet, something that is not in your life so far.

You are trying to be like someone else or do something that someone else is doing. All the goals you achieve are within the boundaries of your information in some form, or some of them have been presented in a lot of detail. Is not it tragic that you lose a whole year in an attempt to achieve something that you already know about? My intention is that whatever things you do not know, it happens with you. Those things that you have never imagined before, they should come to your life. Only then will your life really prosper. What is the use of doing such things, which you already know?

Doing things will not make any difference to inner life

If you want to achieve the economic or material things, if it matters to you then you can set such goals. It is also a waste of life to personally do such things to me. Suppose you have $ 1 million and your goal is to make one billion dollars by the end of the year. If that does not happen, then this is a good thing because you have lived your life in that hope. But suppose if this happens in January, then what will you do? You would like to make it ten billion dollars. There was a time when you were happy with a dollar. Now for the same happiness, you need a million dollars. It is called inflation or inflation. It is not the better of life.

You work only to bring inflation to life. Inflation is neither good for the economy, nor for your life. Inflation in physics means flushing something like you fill the air in the car’s tire. But inflation in economics means that some parameters go out of control. Now you are deliberately bringing inflation to your life – there is no wise way to live this life. While setting certain time goals for you, you can achieve some things, but it will not affect your life in the present.

A simple goal – is the day today more enjoyable?

Instead of setting goals for the whole year, only decide one thing: By the end of the day, you have to be a little more blissful, a little better.

It will not work as a goal – it is better to look back and see it as better. Just meditate last evening, ‘Are I a little better than yesterday?’ Just look at these twenty four hours carefully – this will make you more conscious. Its purpose is not to make you happy or peaceful. Its purpose is to become aware of the many facets of your life, as many as possible.

You will try your best about what you will be animate to. Most nonsense things happen because you are unconscious about many things. All we have to do is to be conscious about everything – about our nature, our mental and emotional states, our lives, our physical, economic and environmental conditions. If you are animate, then do your best. This is all you need to do in life. But at the moment, you believe that unless you bring tension, you can not achieve anything. From where you are, you create a stress or stretch to go to your goal – it’s like a rubber band. You try to move from one place to another, from one social class to another, from one economic situation to another, from one academic level to another. It is not a separate situation from human beings, predators and collectors living in the cave – collect as much as possible, collect as much as possible.

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