दान देने और लेने का क्या महत्व है? / Sadhguru Hindi

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दान देने और लेने का क्या महत्व है?
In Indian tradition, emphasis on charity is emphasized. Why is donation given? Can you get the fruits of charity somewhere later? Know that

Question: There is a common saying in Tamil, which means, ‘The family who always gives donations is destroyed, and the family who always receives donation is also destroyed’ means that both the giving and receiving are destroyed Will be there. Why such a master?
Sadhguru: Basically, he means that you are either always taking donations or living on charity, or if you are donating, then you should give donations to everyone because of what you think about goodness. , Not because of the reason that this is the demand of the situation.
If you think you are getting good by donating or getting tickets to go to heaven, then it is not good at all. But if you see that someone is in need and whatever you can give, they do not even give him, then you are not only human.
There is no herb in giving. The problem comes when you want to give it for your satisfaction instead of giving it according to the circumstances. This is happening because the person is looking for peace and happiness of his mind with very strange measures. They think that if they give something today, then they will get peace when they go somewhere else. No, happiness and peace are only born within you.
If humanity is alive within you, then you will definitely give it where you need it. I will not give it, divide it, which is the natural quality of human being. Happiness is multiplied by sharing among themselves. If something good has happened to you, then you would like to divide it with others, because humans are a social being.

If you do not have the quality of humanity, then donation must be taught.
Unfortunately, we always teach people the lesson of goodness, do not teach them humanity. Rather than waking humanity in the heart of human beings, we teach the table of ethics. The desire to go to heaven or greed to get satisfaction, this donation is only a bargain.
This is just a business.
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